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Butter Braid Fundraiser 2022

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Braided by hand, Butter Braids are easy and delicious pastries that are available exclusively through fundraisers. These sweet treats will be arriving just in time for the holidays! Simply let your desired Butter Braid rise for 8-12 hours, bake, and ENJOY!

This year, buyers will have the opportunity to purchase and enjoy nine different Butter Braids. Since these mouth-watering pastries are not available in stores, people are often excited to see individuals selling them. HAPPY FUNDRAISING!!


Important Dates

  • Sell Dates: October 17-November 7, 2022
  • Order Due: Wednesday, November 9, 2022
  • Pick-Up Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2022 (times to be confirmed)

Sale Price & Profits

This fundraiser offers 9 different butter braid flavors, all at the same price! 


Product Sell Price Individual Profit
Strawberry & Cream Cheese $15 $5.40
Apple $15 $5.40
Cinnamon $15 $5.40
Blueberry & Cream Cheese $15 $5.40
Raspberry $15 $5.40
Carmel Rolls $15 $5.40
Cinnamon Roll w/ Cream Cheese Icing $15 $5.40
Four Cheese & Herb $15 $5.40
Bavarian Crème w/ Choc. Icing $15 $5.40


Steps to Success

There are two ways to purchase Butter Braids:


***Please note that BOTH methods will require you to create an online account for payment submission.


Paper Forms Online
  1. Pick up your fundraising materials and order form at TDC.
  2. Sell to you friends, family, neighbors, etc. Post on social media, call friends and family, talk to your neighbors. Remember to stay safe and practice good social distancing. Collect payment when orders are placed. Payments are made out to the seller.
  3. All orders are due on Wednesday, November 9.
  4. DIFFERENT FROM OTHER BOOSTERS FUNDRAISER, final orders will be submitted BY THE SELLER via the Butter Braid website and an electronic payment will be taken when your order is submitted.Click here for the Butter Braid Self-Registration and Order Submission Link
  1. Click here for the Butter Braid Self-Registration and Order Submission Link
  2. Once registered, share your online link with people. You can track your progress online.
  3. Keep sharing your store link until the fundraiser ends on Monday, November 7.
  4. Remember YOU are responsible for arranging delivery of ALL items purchased through the link, so don’t share this link with people you don’t know or those you aren’t able to see in person


  • Pick up your complete order and make deliveries to your supporters. Because this product requires freezing, it is imperative that ALL ORDERS are picked up in the TDC parking lot on Tuesday, November 22 (time to be confirmed - likely between 5-7 pm).



Social Media

  • Three Social Media graphics are available for you to use to promote this fundraiser. You can download these graphics using the links at the top of the page under Quick Links.


  • Sample Social Media Text is also available for you to use below. Copy and paste, edit as you see fit or create your own.

My dancer is selling Butter Braid® Pastries to raise funds for dance (competitions, Nationals, etc). Order online by clicking this link! Thank you for helping me reach my goal.
Orders and payment must be received by 11/7 and orders will be delivered 11/22 (just in time for the holidays).
**This is a local fundraiser. Friends and family afar - I’ll keep you posted on future fundraisers that are available to ship.**


If you have any questions please contact TDC Boosters at tdcboosters@thedancecomplexmn.com to route your inquiry appropriately.



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