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Lynde Winter Fundraiser 2022

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The Lynde winter floral and greenery fundraiser is always a successful fundraiser for our TDC Families!

This year we are again partnering with Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery and are excited to offer the healthiest, most beautiful and popular selection of poinsettias in several sizes as well as wreaths, swags and spruce tip pots. For personal use or a gift, these items are extremely popular around the holidays!


Important Dates

  • Sell Dates: October 1-20
  • Order Due: Friday, October 21 (by 5:00 p.m.)
  • Pick-Up Date: Saturday, November 19 (morning/early afternoon)

Sale Price & Profits

This fundraiser offers 12 different products with a wide variety of price points for your friends and family to choose from.


Product Sell Price



6.5" SINGLE POINSETTIA (7 colors available)

$12 $3.85


$16 $4.50
8" DOUBLE POINSETTIA (3 colors available) $26 $9.45
10" TRIPLE POINSETTIA (3 colors available) $41 $9.00
30” EVERGREEN SWAG $25 $6.25
D.I.Y. SPRUCE TIP KIT $32 $8.10

$25.00 GIFT CARD

$25 $4.50

How it works

Selling and tracking orders

You advertise and collect order information directly from your supporters. The individual sales tracker form linked above is for you to use to keep track of the individual orders you have received and to help easily identify your total quantities to order. None of your individual order information will be submitted with your final order.  You are free to use whatever tracker tool works best for you.


Collecting payment

Your individual supporters will pay you at the time of sale by whatever payment methods you are able to personally accept (cash, check, venmo, etc). Checks should be made payable to you.


Final order submissions & payment

On or before Friday, October 21 you will log into this TDC Booster site and access the TDC Boosters Order Submission Form.  On this form you will submit total quantities to fulfill all of your individual orders. Payment for your order can be made at the time of submission using a credit card or booster account credit (if you have funds available from previous fundraisers).  Paying online via credit card is subject to a small processing fee. Boosters also accepts check as a form of payment. Checks for your total order amount should be left in an envelope in the TDC Boosters mail slot at the studio.  The envelope and check needs to note the fundraiser that the payment is for and the dancer or family name to match up to.  Checks should be made payable to TDC Boosters and need to be deposited by the order deadline.  Any orders not paid in full at the time of the order deadline are not guaranteed to be ordered or delivered.


Product pick-up and distribution

Once the vendor has confirmed the delivery date and time a communication will be sent out via email to everyone that has submitted a fundraiser order with details surrounding the pick-up date, time and location. You are responsible for picking up your product during that date and time. Any items not claimed during that time will be left outside at the front of the studio and Boosters will no longer be responsible for that product. You are able to send someone on your behalf to pick up your product, be sure to give them your order details and share any of the pick-up information with them that they will need to know to collect and account for all of your items. You have the final responsibility for double checking that the items you pick up match your order.


Post pick-up you should arrange a time to deliver the product to and thank your supporters for their orders.


Booster account credits

Within 2 weeks from the date of product pick-up your account will be credited with the individual profit that you earned for your sales with this fundraiser. You are then able to request reimbursement against that account credit for any non-tuition, non-choreography fee dance expenses. See the How To section of this website for more details.

Social Media

  • Four Social Media graphics are available for you to use to promote this fundraiser. You can download these graphics using the links at the top of the page under Quick Links.


  • Sample Social Media Text is also available for you to use below. Copy and paste, edit as you see fit or create your own.
My dancer is selling Lynde's winter florals and greenery. Beautiful poinsettias, evergreen swag, wreaths, hanging baskets and spruce tip containers. Also available are Lynde Gift Cards (the gift that keeps on giving). 
Orders and payment must be received by 10/21 and orders will be delivered 11/19. If you are interested in ordering, send me a message.
**This is a local fundraiser. Friends and family afar - I’ll keep you posted on future fundraisers that are available to ship.**


If you have any questions please contact Stefanie Moon via email at sejandro@gmail.com or email TDC Boosters at tdcboosters@thedancecomplexmn.com to route your inquiry appropriately.



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