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TDC Boosters Fundraising Overview 2023-2024


TDC Boosters will coordinate and facilitate a number of Fundraising opportunities to support both individual dancers as well as the overall studio. There will be two types of fundraisers:


  • Individual Fundraisers
    • Examples: Lynde's, Butterbraids, Bathbombs, Heggies
    • Profit Structure: 90% to individual, 10% to TDC Boosters general fund
    • Individual Fundraising profits can be used towards any non-tuition, non-choreography fee related dance expenses, ie: comp/convention fees, costumes, shoes, make-up, travel expenses, etc.
    • Once funds have been earned, you can request reimbursement from your TDC Booster account using the reimbursement form found HERE
    • Want to know how much you have in your Booster Account? Instructions HERE
  • General Fundraisers
    • Examples: Glitter Cups, Comp Mats, Mabel's Labels, Got Sneakers, Recital Concessions
    • Profit Structure: 100% to TDC Boosters general fund


TDC Boosters General Fund supports the following:

  • TDC Boosters Overhead: website, insurance, tax preparation/accounting costs, supplies, state/federal filing costs, bank and legal fees
  • TDC Studio Enhancement: Once overhead costs are covered, TDC Boosters will provide an annual enhancement gift to benefit all dancers at TDC
  • TDC Studio-wide Team Building and Spirit Activities (Teacher Appreciation Week, Boo Bash, etc.)
  • Shining Stars Adaptive Dance Program


Fundraising FAQs

  • Why is there money going to the General Fund?
    • In lieu of a Booster fee, we fund TDC Boosters through General Fundraising initiatives.
    • Ultimately the goal is to benefit ALL dancers at TDC by ensuring that we create a solvent, legal non-profit organization that is transparent and efficient. There are fixed costs associated with this, but it is necessary for Boosters to be viable and sustainable long-term. We are also committed to supporting dancers through an annual studio enhancement gift, studio community building and Teacher Appreciation activities. 
  • What happens at the end of the year if I haven't used my funds? 
    • If you are a returning dancer, we will roll your funds over to the next year. 
    • If you are a graduating senior or not returning, you can either gift your remaining funds to the TDC Boosters General Fund or to an active TDC Dancer. 


Questions? Ideas? Please email tdcboosters@thedancecomplexmn.com 

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Why TDC Boosters?

To support a best-in-class experience for all dancers at THE DANCE COMPLEX in Maple Grove, MN


Our Mission

To support TDC dancers through development of sportsmanship and team-building skills, and enhance relationships within the TDC community.