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Shining Stars Adaptive Dance at The Dance Complex


Our adaptive dance program was developed to give individuals with differing abilities the opportunity to enjoy the performing arts in an atmosphere of community and inclusion. These dance classes take place at The Dance Complex in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The benefits of adaptive dance for children with disabilities are immeasurable. First and foremost, our adaptive dance program keeps dancers physically and mentally active. This also allows for many socialization opportunities with other dancers, adults, and mentors. Shining Stars is housed under the TDC Boosters 501(c)3 program.


Our program is completely free to our Shining Stars families. This means all of our program costs are funded through fundraising and generous donations. All proceeds go towards dance costs including, but not limited to:

  • Costumes, shoes & tights
  • Competition fees
  • Teachers
  • Recital fees
  • Administrative fees
  • Classroom supplies
  • Special events
  • Swag for the year




Who is part of the adaptive dance program?


The Dance Complex

Our adaptive dance program is part of The Dance Complex. We were established in 2015 and proudly serve the Maple Grove, Minnesota community with competition and recreational dance programming. We love having the adaptive dance program as part of our studio.


Adaptive Dance Program Coordinators

Our program could not happen without the generosity and passion of our incredible coordinators. They are the hands and feet of our program. We are elated to have Corrin Hanna and Amber Scearcy in these roles since the beginning of our 2020 dance season. Amber & Corrin- have been part of our dance family since the start and have always shown a natural passion for our adaptive dance program. This dynamic duo will be your direct contact for questions, concerns or information regarding The Shining Stars program.


Dance Teachers

The real magic makers in the classroom are your dance teachers!



Our volunteers are the recipe for success with our adaptive dance programs. Volunteers assist dancers in class and create relationships to foster a happy and familiar environment for our adaptive dance families. Others help in supporting our program through fundraising and/or organizing events.


Dance Families

The wonderful families of our amazing dancers!



Thank you for your support! 


For more information please contact us at adaptivedance@thedancecomplex.com or call 612-462-1761 (Corrin) or 515-729-0823 (Amber).


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Why TDC Boosters?

To support a best-in-class experience for all dancers at THE DANCE COMPLEX in Maple Grove, MN


Our Mission

To support TDC dancers through development of sportsmanship and team-building skills, and enhance relationships within the TDC community.